No matter what is your task, the exceptionally capable A25 gets you where you want smoothly and safely. The boat is designed for the inshore C-category as a true multi task vessel having good standard features and a vast amount of options to fit your operational needs. Compared to the smaller A21 the A25 provides important benefits: additional deck space, a greater operating range, a seat for a third crew member and increased payload.

The A25 can be engaged for example patrol, search and rescue, transport, stern and mid boat towing and firefighting. The boat is suitable for stretcher patient transportation and has optional storage compartments and rack space for your specific equipment.


LOA 7,95 m
LWL 6,85 m
Beam overall 2,85 m
Deck width 1,95 m
Depth 0,50 m
Weight (op.) 2700 kg
Engine Steyr MO306H43WJ
kW / hp 217 / 295
Propulsion Alamarin-Jet 288
Fuel Diesel 200 L
Op.range 120 NM (80%)
Speed Cruise 30 kn
  Max 35 kn
Persons 2 + 7
HT Engineering Ltd. FI-42701 Keuruu FINLAND