Design & Technology

HTECH boats have good sea-worthiness and handling properties due to the new technologies that are applied, the innovative hull design and clever material choices. The boats are ideal for demanding tasks combining excellent riding properties, efficiency, durability and functionality with style.


  • Excellent riding and handling in all seas
  • Tight turning with maintained stability
  • Optimized water flow for water jet
  • No planing threshold and no cavitation during acceleration
  • Reduced turbulence due to a better control of the laminar water flow
  • Front and rear protection against collision and hull damages
  • Water tight compartments: No real threat of sinking if one of the compartments is filled with water

Jet Propulsion

  • Safe and durable at sea and in shallow waters
  • Great to handle and control
  • Can turn on the spot and do a crash stop from full speed
  • Easy maintenance and good cost efficiency
  • Safe for divers and people afloat
  • Can be driven over oil barriers and the like

C-shape stern

  • Protects the jet and its nozzle
  • Reduces drag and therefore fuel consumption
  • Increases stern buoyancy
  • Surfaced for additional lift and for water spray deflection
  • A choice of marine engines and jet propulsions available


  • Ergonomic seating and clear view
  • Helm station with customer specific instrumentation
  • Easy handling of steering and control


  • No sharp corners or extensions on deck
  • All deck hatches lockable
  • The deck is self-draining and open at stern allowing easy access to water
  • Safe towing and moorin

Foam filled collar

  • Closed cell foam (=water proof)
  • Gives shock absorption and rigidity for entire rail and bow
  • Maintains buoyancy even when pierced or torn
  • Gives superior directional stability for the boat due to a better curve of righting arm
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Easy structure for manufacturing, no leaking seams
  • Free design of form allows more deck space and makes it possible to place extra buoyancy where it is wanted.
  • In emergencies it gives additional buoyancy and keeps the engine room above the water line


  • Storage compartments detachable or integrated
  • A proven and tested hull with a freedom to form a concept that fits your own need and operations
  • Detachable structures make maintenance easy and fast
  • It is easy to upgrade and replace damaged components
  • Possible to increase payload by using our composite module

Construction & Materials

  • We use high grade aluminum alloy
  • Hull EN-AW 5083
  • Deck modules, EN-AW 5083 and EN-AW 5754
  • Profiles and pipes, EN-AW 6063
  • Resistant against corrosion and abrasion, carefree and durable
  • Resistant against impacts and collisions
  • Lifetime span for the hull is 25-30 years
  • All surfaces treated with coatings suitable for marine use

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